The Golden Night


It’s finally that time of the year once again. Award season is upon us and along with it the fashion that amuses us all. The first show of the year is the acclaimed Golden Globe Awards, which were held at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills. The location by itself screams glamour at the highest expression. The red carpet did not disappoint either it was full of that Hollywood air.

At least for me personally the styles strutting down the red carpet are way better than last year. On the other hand, there were also a couple of disappointments for example my expectations for Lupita were extremely high. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think she looked bad I just wanted more from her. It can definitely be said that metallics and pure white ruled. I mean if you’re a star it feels pretty practical to play the part and dress up.

From the long list of good-looking ensembles I have two that made me feel like I was on cloud nine. Both of the looks completely opposite but both so amazing. The Into the Woods actress Emily Blunt who wore a Michael Kors pleated white gown wowed me. Her look was simple but it made her look like a total goddess definitely my favorite. She paired it up with stunning Lorraine Schwartz turquoise earrings and bracelet.


Right up behind her is queen of the red carpet and well queen of everything really, Mrs. Jennifer Lopez. She wore a breathtaking Zuhair Murad gown that has me going crazy. The gorgeous beaded silver dress had a beautiful cape and frontal slit not to mention the perfect low V-neck cut. Not to mention her perfect hair or tan she was the personification of the word diva.


We just started this season so will be seeing much more from these gals plus all the others that have yet to amaze us with their style. So excited to see what they have in store for us next. They make us feel like Cinderella isn’t just a fairytale.






All Hail The Queen


The fun award season is upon us. First off there were the TCA and now the most iconic music awards of the year: the MTV Video Music Awards. They are distinguished by the random moments and crazy events that have marked the history of the ceremony. Everyone always expects the unexpected and as anticipated they delivered, from wardrobe malfunction to a little bit of twerking. And let’s not forget the amazing fashion statements.

I absolutely loved how someway the looks took us back to the 90’s. First off upcoming artist Charli XCX performed during the red carpet with a feather cover up that just screamed Cher Horowitz. Following was Katy Perry who honored Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s 2001 all denim ensemble. The difference? This time Katy left it to Versace to design the custom made gown. To finalize the “throwback-fashion” Mrs. Amber Rose dared channel Rose McGowan 1999 look from Laura Dewitt that left very little to the imagination. Is it me or are we going back to the Clueless years? Yes please!

On the other hand, profuse stars choose classic all black looks. Some of these included Miley Cyrus, Kendall Jenner, Becky G and the cast of Orange Is The New Black. All of them looked stunning in the infinite color. Going the other way Rita Ora decided to go all red in a Jessica Rabbit gown that made her look voluptuous and sensual.

By now you may be guessing why the article is titled All hail the Queen right? Well personally there was one look that stole the show. It was so astonishing that it deserved a special tribute. The fit, the color, the fabric it was just perfection. It was non-other than Jennifer Lopez who wore a silver jaw-dropping Charbel Zoe dress. She was officially the queen of the red carpet. The cutout shimmering gown was simply spectacular. Now the real question is what was Casper Smart (also present at the VMA’s) thinking the whole night?











The It Gala


We all love red carpets for the fashion (duh!) that celebrities bring. It is a competition of who wore the best dress and who looked prettier. On that note the mother of all red carpets went down last night: The Met Gala. It’s the most important fashion event of the year in which celebrities flaunt those couture dresses like the world is theirs.  Huge names like Beyoncé, Marc Jacobs, and Sarah Jessica Parker are just a few of the stars that attended last night’s soirée.

For those of you that don’t know this event opens the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s yearly exhibit. This year is dedicated to America’s first couturier Charles James. Furthermore, the fundraiser brings together the elite crowd that has a passion for art and fashion. Depending on the theme of the exhibit the attendees choose the outfit honoring the designer portrayed. It’s like the Halloween in the fashion industry. You get to play dress up only that the costumes are high-end couture dresses by top designer.

My personal favorite, which is Mrs. Lupita kinda disappointed me. I was expecting so much from her and her look just didn’t give me the vibe of couture fashion red carpet. Most of my favorites where tones of pink from pale to Emma Stone’s Thakoon dress that was simple and elegant. The all time winner and breathtaking look goes to Karolina Kurkova in a stunning Marchesa gown. From all the starlets I would never imagine that Karolina would be the one who amazed us with her graceful look. A surprise is always fun and better yet when it’s about an outfit that takes your breath away.


Suki Waterhouse burberry

Thakoon band of outsiders

Are You Willing To Be A Gladiator?

Hey TPO’ers,

If you’re like me and you love having the latest in footwear trends, you need some gladiators. I personally prefer them in brown. This “look” is perfect for showing off slender legs. For those of you who are wondering, or do not dare to wear this trend, here I give you a few tricks on how to use it properly. You have several options for making it a complete look:

* The “casual chic” look – You can achieve this look using a pair of loose high waisted shorts. As the gladiators are adjusted to your legs, use a crop top.

* The “glam style” look – This style is the one I focus on, a more elegant look. Use a short asymmetrical skirt in a solid color, combine it with a print top and add your favorite accessories. In this occasion I wore one of my “fedora hats”.




Hola TPO’ers,

Si eres como yo y te encanta tener lo ultimo en tendencias de calzado, necesitas unas gladiadoras. Yo personalmente las prefiero en tono marrón. Este “look” es perfecto para lucir unas piernas estilizadas. Para las de ustedes que se preguntan, o no se atreven a llevar esta tendencia, aquí les doy unos truquitos de como utilizarla correctamente. Tienes varias opciones para hacer un “look” completo:

* El “casual chic” look – Este lo puedes lograr utilizando unos pantalones cortos a la cintura pero que NO sean pegados, ya que las gladiadoras son ajustadas a tu pierna, agrégale una blusa no tan pegada pero a la vez no tan suelta.

* El “glam look” – Este es en el que me enfoque, es un look mas elegante pero sin dejar lo juvenil. Utiliza una falda corta asimetrica en color solido, combinala con un top de print y anade tus accesorios favoritos, en este agregue uno de mis “fedora hats” y lista.

Espero les sea de provecho y recuerden “Stay trendy”.







Wearing: Shoes: Galeria Plaza las Americas

Top: Zara

Skirt & Earrings: Forever 21

Sunnies: Ta-Da eyewear

Hat: H&M

Bag: BCBG Genereation


Para ver mas looks entra a

Instagram: @thepeckingorder


Photos by Abnel photo

Assistant: Glorisix

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

LACOSTE Beautiful Desert Pool Party - Day 2

LACOSTE Beautiful Desert Pool Party - Day 1

Everyone likes Wonderland and whoever says the opposite no offense but you should stop lying, deep down you can’t resist it. Once a year we all have the opportunity to rise to the occasion and visit a temporary Wonderland which we all know as Coachella. An art and music festival that everyone dies to attend and those that can’t make it are following it through every social media outlet possible. It’s an allure that can’t be described that easily. It’s a melting pot of art, music, fashion and not to mention the surroundings. It’s a big party in the middle of almost nowhere.

Every year apart from the stages and rides people look forward to the best parties thrown at different location in the area. As everything else some stand out from others and most of them are star-studded with A-list celebrities and a few of those that can get a pass and attend what are known to be the best part of attending the festival. Lacoste is one of the brands that always makes a buzz and something to talk about. But let me tell you they know how to throw an awesome pool party.

LACOSTE Beautiful Desert Pool Party - Day 1

Let’s start by saying that none other than Elijah Wood was performing as a DJ, just starring at those blue eyes makes you want to bust a mover. He was not the only one there to make the crowd dance Lolawolf featuring Zoe Kravitz and Ana Calderon were amongst some of the other DJ’s that hit the stage and got the party pumped. Other than that there’s the super “it” clique that attended the souaré. I’ll just tell you about a few since the list goes on and on. Let starts with Glee stars Lea Michelle, Mark Salling and Chord Overstreet (sporting Lacoste himself).  Furthermore, also there Emma Roberts, Evan Peters, Joe Jonas, Julianne Hough, Katy Perry, Lana del Rey, Kendall Jenner and mega stars like Steven Tyler, need I say more?

LACOSTE Beautiful Desert Pool Party - Day 1

LACOSTE Beautiful Desert Pool Party - Day 1


LACOSTE Beautiful Desert Pool Party - Day 1


It was not just about the music or the celebrities Lacoste went all out into making this party a fun one that everyone could enjoy one way or another. From the breath-taking pool at the private state full of Lacoste inflatables they also had a mini golf area. More than this the coolest part was a DIY sneaker bar where you could customize a pair. Now tell me aren’t you dying because you missed a party like this?


LACOSTE Beautiful Desert Pool Party - Day 1

LACOSTE Beautiful Desert Pool Party - Day 2

LACOSTE Beautiful Desert Pool Party - Day 1

Dare to Bloom: Novus Spring 2014 Ad Campaign


Most of us are visual individuals. We feel more attracted towards something when we can see it. Colors have the potential to give meaning to anything this is why they play such an important part in our daily lives. Playing with them depending on the season can be so much fun, furthermore when you can take that message across to the consumer.

The established shoe store Novus has unveiled the new Spring 2014 campaign and the first thing that comes to mind when you see each ad is happiness. It’s colors and graphics take you to that place you see in the picture where everything is perfect. Focusing on the Spring 2014 Pantone color palette as the background and letting the product speak for itself the campaign is subtle yet clever. It gives you a sense of lightness and freshness while leaving wanting more. The colors are splendid and the mixture of graphic, texts and product gives a marvelous outcome.

Each ad has a short message that goes to the point and creates a harmony between what it says and what it shows.  To this you add the brilliant graphics and illustrations created by Puertorrican Gerardo Cloquell whom did a great job conceiving backgrounds that don’t compete with the focal point yet catch your attention and compliment the final product.

The name given to this new campaign is none other than: Dare to Bloom which goes perfectly with what it brings us. Once again they have impressed us (or at least I can talk for myself) by revealing an amazing campaign that not only exceeds expectation but also builds up excitement to what will be next. Playful, fun and dare I say with absolute refreshing styles that will blow you away so hold on!







Lacoste run the streets of NYFW


Is that time of the year, NYFW has come our way once again. I love New York fashion week it just feels so much more like home. Don’t get me wrong I’m amused by all of the designer houses and how amazing fashion is but being an American there’s something so much fonder when you see your peers persevere in a world so difficult and competitive. I seek brands that give me that Oh-la-la but I also love those designs that make you feel comfortable and give you a sense of belonging and familiarity. One of the brands that can describe that with more than a couple of sentences is Lacoste.

Last Saturday they unveiled the Autumn/Winter 2014 collection returning to they’re roots and showing off a more sporty collection concentrating on a more monochromatic and simple style. I absolutely love the classic look they achieved with this new collection. The show was star-studded with celebrities all over the place looking forward to see what the brand would bring. From Joe Jonas to heartthrob Jesse Metcalf dressed in head to toe Lacoste. Bella Thorne was also there looking glamorous in a neutral crop top and pencil skirt. With guests and fashion that kills like that who wouldn’t want to have a front row sit at a show like this?


Moreover, let’s talk street fashion. This time of year the trends are on the runways and out on the streets. Spotted, street style gurus rocking Lacoste during NYFW. It feels perfect to say that Lacoste footwear run the streets of NYFW. Here are a couple of pictures of how some very stylish peeps hit the pavement in style. Either preppy or with a more classic ensemble they all manage to complete a perfect outfit with a cherry on top (Lacoste). How would you wear them?

20a Lindsay Viola vu, fashion designer



Pictures taken by Yannis Vlamos