The Golden Night


It’s finally that time of the year once again. Award season is upon us and along with it the fashion that amuses us all. The first show of the year is the acclaimed Golden Globe Awards, which were held at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills. The location by itself screams glamour at the highest expression. The red carpet did not disappoint either it was full of that Hollywood air.

At least for me personally the styles strutting down the red carpet are way better than last year. On the other hand, there were also a couple of disappointments for example my expectations for Lupita were extremely high. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think she looked bad I just wanted more from her. It can definitely be said that metallics and pure white ruled. I mean if you’re a star it feels pretty practical to play the part and dress up.

From the long list of good-looking ensembles I have two that made me feel like I was on cloud nine. Both of the looks completely opposite but both so amazing. The Into the Woods actress Emily Blunt who wore a Michael Kors pleated white gown wowed me. Her look was simple but it made her look like a total goddess definitely my favorite. She paired it up with stunning Lorraine Schwartz turquoise earrings and bracelet.


Right up behind her is queen of the red carpet and well queen of everything really, Mrs. Jennifer Lopez. She wore a breathtaking Zuhair Murad gown that has me going crazy. The gorgeous beaded silver dress had a beautiful cape and frontal slit not to mention the perfect low V-neck cut. Not to mention her perfect hair or tan she was the personification of the word diva.


We just started this season so will be seeing much more from these gals plus all the others that have yet to amaze us with their style. So excited to see what they have in store for us next. They make us feel like Cinderella isn’t just a fairytale.





The White Walkers


We usually strive to have an overall good look when we step out to play or work. Now isn’t that just being a conformist, a basic good look with no one to really impress. What if I told you that you could be an all star down the avenue and have anyone compliment you on how good you look?


It mostly depends on key items that we add to an overall look. Some of us have a special talent but others can acquire the ability to look good without any effort. Shoes are always hands down an accessory that transforms any outfit. Just give it a simple try.

Given the season fads come and go with some leaving a little something behind. Maybe your personal style is not all that funky but we can fix that right away. Just add on a really funky heel or flat that’s so in you will be remembered by it. This time it’s no so much about the shoe but more about the sole. White sole shoes are so back that not even being on the cast of Clueless would make you feel more fashionable.


All sorts of fashion bloggers are infusing their ensembles with this sort of style and giving it the funkiness that sometimes we may lack. Below are some examples on how you can wear them and some styles available for sale. Don’t go over to the boring side on 2015, just take the leap and be fearless.




Styles available at


Dare to Bloom: Novus Spring 2014 Ad Campaign


Most of us are visual individuals. We feel more attracted towards something when we can see it. Colors have the potential to give meaning to anything this is why they play such an important part in our daily lives. Playing with them depending on the season can be so much fun, furthermore when you can take that message across to the consumer.

The established shoe store Novus has unveiled the new Spring 2014 campaign and the first thing that comes to mind when you see each ad is happiness. It’s colors and graphics take you to that place you see in the picture where everything is perfect. Focusing on the Spring 2014 Pantone color palette as the background and letting the product speak for itself the campaign is subtle yet clever. It gives you a sense of lightness and freshness while leaving wanting more. The colors are splendid and the mixture of graphic, texts and product gives a marvelous outcome.

Each ad has a short message that goes to the point and creates a harmony between what it says and what it shows.  To this you add the brilliant graphics and illustrations created by Puertorrican Gerardo Cloquell whom did a great job conceiving backgrounds that don’t compete with the focal point yet catch your attention and compliment the final product.

The name given to this new campaign is none other than: Dare to Bloom which goes perfectly with what it brings us. Once again they have impressed us (or at least I can talk for myself) by revealing an amazing campaign that not only exceeds expectation but also builds up excitement to what will be next. Playful, fun and dare I say with absolute refreshing styles that will blow you away so hold on!







Lacoste run the streets of NYFW


Is that time of the year, NYFW has come our way once again. I love New York fashion week it just feels so much more like home. Don’t get me wrong I’m amused by all of the designer houses and how amazing fashion is but being an American there’s something so much fonder when you see your peers persevere in a world so difficult and competitive. I seek brands that give me that Oh-la-la but I also love those designs that make you feel comfortable and give you a sense of belonging and familiarity. One of the brands that can describe that with more than a couple of sentences is Lacoste.

Last Saturday they unveiled the Autumn/Winter 2014 collection returning to they’re roots and showing off a more sporty collection concentrating on a more monochromatic and simple style. I absolutely love the classic look they achieved with this new collection. The show was star-studded with celebrities all over the place looking forward to see what the brand would bring. From Joe Jonas to heartthrob Jesse Metcalf dressed in head to toe Lacoste. Bella Thorne was also there looking glamorous in a neutral crop top and pencil skirt. With guests and fashion that kills like that who wouldn’t want to have a front row sit at a show like this?


Moreover, let’s talk street fashion. This time of year the trends are on the runways and out on the streets. Spotted, street style gurus rocking Lacoste during NYFW. It feels perfect to say that Lacoste footwear run the streets of NYFW. Here are a couple of pictures of how some very stylish peeps hit the pavement in style. Either preppy or with a more classic ensemble they all manage to complete a perfect outfit with a cherry on top (Lacoste). How would you wear them?

20a Lindsay Viola vu, fashion designer



Pictures taken by Yannis Vlamos

Tacón ancho, pisada firme


Nos encontramos en medio de la temporada otoño-invierno, lo sé, pero permítanme llevarlas por un paseo al futuro, a ese futuro cercano que, como todo en la industria de la moda, viene del pasado.

Les hablo de los “chunky heels”. Si bien los hemos visto por las pasadas temporadas asomarse tímidamente en las tiendas, no será hasta la primavera-verano 2014 que se impondrán con fuerza, según quedó evidenciado en el pasado New York Fashion Week, cuando la mayoría de los diseñadores le apostaron a este tipo de calzado para darle un descanso a los sexy, pero muchas veces incómodos stilettos.

Así los “chunky heels” regresan renovados de la década de 1960 para proveer comodidad y estabilidad a nuestros pies, pero sin sacrificar pulgadas de altura. Y es que este estilo de zapato hace que las piernas luzcan mucho más largas y estilizadas, por lo cual son ideales para mujeres de baja estatura.

Para la próxima temporada, los vemos tanto con plataformas como sin en ellas, en combinación de colores y texturas, en madera o forrados en piel y tela, y hasta con detalles en metal.

A continuación, les dejo con una muestra de los modelos que ya están disponibles en las tiendas Novus alrededor de toda la Isla y en su página web


Loucos & Santos


Idore modelo Areia/Coco

chunky 3

Idore modelo Baunilha

Otros estilos


Eurostudio modelo Olga


Idore modelo Camila


Jeffrey Campbell for Idore

Apuesta a la comodidad


Dicen las sabias madres que hay un tiempo para todo en la vida: lo hay para estudiar y trabajar, lo hay para bailar y festejar, y también lo hay para descansar.

La temporada primavera-verano precisamente, es el tiempo que se presta para esa clase de actividades de relajación que nos llevan a bajarnos de los tacones para poder disfrutar con mayor comodidad. Es la época de las tenis y sandalias flat. Y de estas últimas, es que vamos a hablar.

Las tendencias apuntan, la próxima temporada, a “flats” muy cómodas pero elaboradas. Atrás queda la típica sandalia que dejaba los pies casi al descubierto, para darle paso a estilos que visten sus puntas y abrazan sus tobillos. Vemos estilos puntiagudos y amarrados con correas y hebillas más anchas, cerrados en tirillas que forman una especie de redecilla, talones cubiertos y combinaciones de colores neutro y detalles metálicos.

En la pasada pasarela del New York Fashion Week, las vimos complementando vestidos y faldas “midi”, otra de las tendencias fuertes para la próxima temporada. No obstante, sabemos que las “flats” son las mejores amigas del “maxi dress” y los “shorts”, y que lucen muy bien con los “skinny jeans”.

Por lo cual esta primavera-verano no es para romperse la cabeza pensando los outfits, sino para dejarse llevar por la comodidad.

Abajo, algunas de combinaciones con modelos disponibles en Novus y


Sandalia Idoré con detalle en forma de malla en el área del talón.


“Flat” Loucos & Santos con aire marinero y cerrada al frente.


Sandalia Idoré cerrada a tres tonos.


Peep toe flat Soiree con detalles dorados.

Calzado para dominar

botines portadaAlgo tienen los botines, que además de verlos como uno de lo calzados más estilizados, con la vestimenta correcta, te hacen lucir “sobradamente” sexy.

No sé si es el aire dominante que imparten o la ilusión de longitud que le brinda a las piernas, pero yo con unos botines me siento la dueña del mundo.

Recuerdo cuando estrenó, en 2008, la primera película de Sex and the City… el despliegue de botines utilizados por Sarah Jessica Parker en su interpretación de Carrie Bradshaw. Eso fue amor a primera vista. Salí corriendo a comprarme unos, lo más parecidos posible a los Dior Extreme, tipo gladiador, que la actriz usó durante casi toda la película. (Por supuesto, los encontré en Novus).

Los usaba con todo… Y es que este tipo de calzado es muy versátil y puede combinarse con unos mahones desgastados o unos skinny oscuros, con leggins, faldas, vestidos cortos y hasta largos. Son excelentes para lograr un look rockero y moderno.

Algunas celebridades, como Heidi Klum, Miley Cyrus, Bella Thorne, Khloe Kardashian y Jennifer Lawrence han sido captadas recientemente luciendo sus botines, y eso nos da una señal de que esta será una de las tendencias más fuertes para el otoño.

Heidi Klum en Anja Rubik y Khloe Kardashian en Giusseppe Zanotti

Heidi Klum en Anja Rubik y Khloe Kardashian en Giusseppe Zanotti.

Botines Jeffrey Campbell for Idore con detalles metálicos y plataforma en acrílico, disponibles en Novus.

Botines Jeffrey Campbell for Idore con detalles metálicos y plataforma en acrílico. Destacado arriba unos B.C.B.G. Max Azria, ambos disponibles en Novus.

Bella Thorne en Emporio Armani y Miley Cyrus en Versace

Bella Thorne en Emporio Armani y Miley Cyrus en Versace.

Modernos botines Jeffrey Cambell for Idore con transparencia en vinilo, aro metálico al tobillo y plataforma en acrílico, disponible en Novus.

Modernos botines Jeffrey Cambell for Idore con transparencia en vinilo, aro metálico al tobillo y plataforma en acrílico, disponibles en Novus.

Carrie Bradshaw lució varios estilos de botines en  la primera entrega de Sex and the City, en la pantalla grande.

Carrie Bradshaw lució varios estilos de botines en la primera entrega de Sex and the City, en la pantalla grande.