The White Walkers


We usually strive to have an overall good look when we step out to play or work. Now isn’t that just being a conformist, a basic good look with no one to really impress. What if I told you that you could be an all star down the avenue and have anyone compliment you on how good you look?


It mostly depends on key items that we add to an overall look. Some of us have a special talent but others can acquire the ability to look good without any effort. Shoes are always hands down an accessory that transforms any outfit. Just give it a simple try.

Given the season fads come and go with some leaving a little something behind. Maybe your personal style is not all that funky but we can fix that right away. Just add on a really funky heel or flat that’s so in you will be remembered by it. This time it’s no so much about the shoe but more about the sole. White sole shoes are so back that not even being on the cast of Clueless would make you feel more fashionable.


All sorts of fashion bloggers are infusing their ensembles with this sort of style and giving it the funkiness that sometimes we may lack. Below are some examples on how you can wear them and some styles available for sale. Don’t go over to the boring side on 2015, just take the leap and be fearless.




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Dare to Bloom: Novus Spring 2014 Ad Campaign


Most of us are visual individuals. We feel more attracted towards something when we can see it. Colors have the potential to give meaning to anything this is why they play such an important part in our daily lives. Playing with them depending on the season can be so much fun, furthermore when you can take that message across to the consumer.

The established shoe store Novus has unveiled the new Spring 2014 campaign and the first thing that comes to mind when you see each ad is happiness. It’s colors and graphics take you to that place you see in the picture where everything is perfect. Focusing on the Spring 2014 Pantone color palette as the background and letting the product speak for itself the campaign is subtle yet clever. It gives you a sense of lightness and freshness while leaving wanting more. The colors are splendid and the mixture of graphic, texts and product gives a marvelous outcome.

Each ad has a short message that goes to the point and creates a harmony between what it says and what it shows.  To this you add the brilliant graphics and illustrations created by Puertorrican Gerardo Cloquell whom did a great job conceiving backgrounds that don’t compete with the focal point yet catch your attention and compliment the final product.

The name given to this new campaign is none other than: Dare to Bloom which goes perfectly with what it brings us. Once again they have impressed us (or at least I can talk for myself) by revealing an amazing campaign that not only exceeds expectation but also builds up excitement to what will be next. Playful, fun and dare I say with absolute refreshing styles that will blow you away so hold on!







Crystal Clear

Lately I’ve been watching what celebrities and runways have been sporting in terms of dress shoes for women. Seeing it coming isn’t the same as having it here already, vinyl is so back! From Christian Louboutin to Chanel they are all integrating themselves into this trend. The biggest names in show business are wearing them. What are we waiting for?


Dress shoes needed something fresh, different and a little hint that would make them look sort of funky in a classic way. Single sole shoes for me are the definition of sexy but they are still very classic and don’t really have a wow factor. Now if you mix textures and add a little vinyl here and there you have a match made in heaven.


The great thing about this trend is that you can carry it with anything and you will look fabulous. For example if you want to go a little lighter you can wear skinny jeans with a basic whit t-shirt and accessorize it with a bold oversize necklace that goes with the shoes. If we want to try a more elegant look a button down shirt with a peplum knee high skirt and a really big bun will strive you to perfection.


The best part about this trend is that since its vinyl if you choose a neutral color that’s mixed with it can go with any color you want it too from pastels to dark hues. Furthermore, a big plus to the equation you will most definitely remember your 90’s days and think twice next time you want to throw away all fads that “won’t come back ever again”.




Classic Fashion Tip

Who doesn’t go back to the basics every once in a while? It’s good to take risks and be daring to the unknown but ohh how good it feels to be acquainted with the recognizable. Class is something you cannot buy but what you can buy is the classic look to start off your journey. Men have always had a classic feel to anything they wear. What they don’t know is how much we love that old glamour from old movies in which they played the savior and looked so handsome while doing it.


Finally someone heard our prayers and with a little twist has been bringing sexy back into our gentlemen’s closets. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love how our guys dress and the looks they can achieve with new styles and looks but this just screams Mamma Mia!!


I introduce to you the wingtip shoe. Yeah the same one that your grandpa wore with his khaki pants. Guys just picture you with a sleek fitted pant and these amazing classic shoes. Now imagine yourself with some shorts, a cardigan and the same shoes, isn’t it amazing? It gives your formal look a fashionable taste and your more casual self a twist and funky tone that will get the girls and the boys turning heads.

For those who like to add your own style into every trend and want to add certain youth to the classic we got your solution. There are also styles with bright colored soles that you can combine with your laces and only if you know what your doing even with your socks!


Are you ready to start mixing the old with the new?

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Wooden Paradise

In the middle of spring we look for freshness. We’ve changed our wardrobe already and the heavy accessories must be replaced by something a little bit more lightweight. When I talk about ‘light’ I don’t mean in any way that the piece could not be bold and big. With nature being a big part of spring why don’t we incorporate it into our everyday wear and give every outfit a nice fresh touch this spring season.

Personally I love big pieces that can make a statement and will be memorable. I love dressing up but a necklace or a couple of bangles can make an outfit. For this season I recommend you reach within yourself and reflect your fashion sense on nature.

Wood has started to become a great material for accessorizing that looks fashionable, distinct and raises consciousness. Mixed with the beautiful color gold and materials like rope it would be the perfect accessory. The beautiful fashion accessory line Hebe Sophia has presented its spring 2013 collection in which wood is the main character in each piece. With a bohemian look and geometric designs there is no way you can pass the chance of owning one of its pieces in your closet.






Out With The Old In With The Spring

Winter is coming to an end and we cannot wait for the summer but before it gets here we have a whole season in between to welcome: SPRING!  Time to store all those dark hues and long sleeves. When we come to think of it spring brings us comfort in our wardrobe. We feel free and liberated to show some skin and get rid of the boots. But don’t worry we already have the perfect trend figured out for you to rock this new season.

Very few times a tendency is so strong that it translates to women and men as a whole. A shoe can either make or break an outfit. We tend to think that the fancier the shoe the fashionable the outfit. Let me tell you this is a complete myth. You can totally wear comfy, trendy shoes and at times look even better than when you have high sky stilettos on.

Canvas is a must when you think about the resort/spring season. Now it makes it’s way to your feet. Canvas shoes have been ‘in’ for a while now with known brands stating how simple a shoe can be and the impact it can still make. They go with anything for anywhere. You won’t want to take them off.

Now are you ready to look trendy and feel good about it? We give you a couple of looks so you know how to carry this trend correctly. If you don’t wear it believe me everyone else will be doing so.



Slide1 copy


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Puff It Up

We just received the best news, apparently the spikes are going no where, and you know what? We are LOVING it! Spring/Summer 2013 it’s coming strong with the spike trend. One of our favorites brands Jeffrey Campbell is launching a new concept: jelly and spikes. Sounds interesting right? Well, it’s actually pretty amazing since not only its coming in a variety of colors but also it’s a flat sandal, YES! Trendy and comfortable? We are so in!

We (the fashion savvy crowd) live constantly awaiting what will be the next trend or which one will be next season’s key item. Well let me tell you it’s already here because if this shoe style doesn’t cut it I don’t know what will. We identify the spring / summer season as a fresh and lightweight season in which we can look fabulous while feeling comfortable. Let’s just say that Jeffrey hit us right on the spot with this one. Every detail of the item screams fashion.

Spikes are not something everyone is daring to wear. You have to possess confidence and the will to take a chance that probably most of the people wouldn’t. This is what makes a season’s key item: uniqueness. This item is the one that everyone wants but not everyone can pull it off. You need to be a complete fashionista & have that “je ne sais quoi” that we all look for.

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