Gladiator Heaven


Trends come and go, as we all know. Some of them tend to just have a tranquility phase in which some of us may forget about them. But the joy we feel when we see pieces come back in style and we can either get them out of our closets or buy our favorites. In this case it’s all about the gladiator sandal. It’s a remarkable accessory that makes an ensemble grand, even the simplest one.

Ever since they first came out I was astonished by how imposing they looked. For some reason I never got the chance to buy them. I never could find the one I loved in my size and so the trend started to wear off. When I saw that they came back I felt determined to find the perfect one. This time I wouldn’t let anything in the way of my fascinating sandal and myself. So the hunting began. I did find the perfect ones and I am utterly in love with them.

The thing about them is that they can be tricky to style. But no worries I’ll give you a few tips so nothing can stop you. You have to show a little or maybe a lot of leg in order to wear them correctly. You could style them with high-waist shorts or a pretty little dress. The style I like the most is a boho-chic kinda look that gives them the perfect exposure. Here are some pictures of how I like to wear them, how will you?








Be Bold or Just Be Boring


What would you rather be outrageous and spontaneous or simple and predictable? Maybe we’re taking it to the extremes but when it comes to how you live for life shouldn’t we take it seriously and to the extreme? Being predictable will never take us anywhere. That’s why projecting oneself across the mirror is so important. You can see your own reflection and if you look into depth you can kinda figure out what others see. More than that (obviously) you can see the amazing shoes your wearing (duh!) and then you can really walk with confidence without depending on being simple or amazing.

Jeffrey Campbell is known for his intense designs that go to radical terms and make you look twice. They are not for everyone but if you have good taste and know what it is to have some fun you will at least fall in love with one of the designs even if you don’t dare walk in them. Even when they mostly include sky-high platforms and heels this collection there’s something for everyone. We have platforms, open boots, flats and even some delicate heels.

With spring coming to an end and summer just across the street we may think about bright colors but not necessarily. This collection is full of earth hues that will compliment any outfit from colorful to white to even dark tones. This makes it even better since you will obtain a pair that you can wear all year long even though they have a fresh look that calls for summer you can play with the look and make them turn all around.

Reality is I like risks and statement pieces that maybe not everyone will wear but most definitely they can acknowledge them and appreciate them. The real questions to all fashion lovers are: Do you dare? Can you handle it? Are you simple or are you a risk taker?

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