Out With The Old In With The Spring

Winter is coming to an end and we cannot wait for the summer but before it gets here we have a whole season in between to welcome: SPRING!  Time to store all those dark hues and long sleeves. When we come to think of it spring brings us comfort in our wardrobe. We feel free and liberated to show some skin and get rid of the boots. But don’t worry we already have the perfect trend figured out for you to rock this new season.

Very few times a tendency is so strong that it translates to women and men as a whole. A shoe can either make or break an outfit. We tend to think that the fancier the shoe the fashionable the outfit. Let me tell you this is a complete myth. You can totally wear comfy, trendy shoes and at times look even better than when you have high sky stilettos on.

Canvas is a must when you think about the resort/spring season. Now it makes it’s way to your feet. Canvas shoes have been ‘in’ for a while now with known brands stating how simple a shoe can be and the impact it can still make. They go with anything for anywhere. You won’t want to take them off.

Now are you ready to look trendy and feel good about it? We give you a couple of looks so you know how to carry this trend correctly. If you don’t wear it believe me everyone else will be doing so.



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Styles shown available at http://www.novushoes.com



Trend Alert! Gold Rush & Pop of Sexy

It seems that with such an ease summer has come and is already leaving us. I feel like it was just a couple of days ago that the summer breeze started to hit me up and now all of the sudden I find myself in the middle of transition and awaiting fall. With every season comes great responsibility to follow up on the latest trends (that is for us the fashion lovers). So I owned up to what I should do and started to do some research on shoe trends and what I’m looking forward to this upcoming fall/winter. I found myself loving two very different & yet very exciting groups which I very lovingly named Gold Rush & Pop of Sexy.

Black & gold represent glam in all its expression. Its infinite power of looking so impacting every time it hits the retail stores shelves is amazing. We all know black goes with everything and we should all also know that gold is the most amazing metallic color to ever exist. Come together we have the perfect combination which will never look old or so yesterday. From platform pumps to beautiful wedges we have very detailed styles that bring out the sexy and feminine side of us. Dare to dream & feel like a hot trendy blogger and a Hollywood pinup hottie at the same time with these styles I picked out to represent this trend.

Then again black may seem boring to some adventurous, fashion-savvy consumers and they might be expecting something different for fall. Well guess what? I have just what you want; its time to mix and match seasons and bring some color to the old fashioned fall/winter pallete. Here comes pop of sexy. From full on red wedges to color blocking Mary Jane’s & sky high stilettos we have a mix of berry colors that will leave you breathless and give you that extra push every day so days aren’t so cold during this season. Why didn’t anybody think of this? Imagine bright orange and pink stilettos on October 29th. Take my word on it, you will feel alive.

Styles available online only at www.novushoes.com pre-fall preview sale.