Time for Fashion

Every year twice a year every woman’s fantasy comes her way: fashion week. It is celebrated all around the world with cities playing the main character of these stories that develop new trends. During the month of September it was show time all over the place. Different trends were revealed as the spring 2013 collections covered the different catwalks with a fresh air in between them.

In Puerto Rico High Fashion Week was celebrated with multiple designers pitching in to participate on the event. From young to recognized designers the collections were filled with originality and detail. To close this magnificent event The Blonds showed they’re risky, sexy and va va voom collection only the way they could.

With different trends and looks I am so looking forward to spring or maybe I don’t have to, after all I live on a tropical island which means I can wear shorts whenever I want (YES!). Of course the shoes are a big part of an ensemble; they can either make it or break it. We saw a lot of platform shoes combined with shorts and cool colors that scream spring but don’t yell at summer. The flowers were also a big hit and this time I don’t mean flower prints, I mean flower crowns. For that woman that wants to feel sexier and wants to look more sophisticated there was a big hit with the strappy sandals. We are in some way going back to what was more minimalist but in a way made us feel so close to being a woman.

On the other hand, you will forever and always have your classic look. Even when you twist it up a little bit you are still emphasizing on what’s been here for let’s say a very long time. Here comes the Mary Jane (of course), what could be more classic than a shoe that can transform into a little girls favorite shoe to the dance floor of the hottest club? Featured with a pump platform and golden details it is just the perfect shoe to wear right now, during spring and I would say you’re safe to wear it next year.

All the designers did a great job in general in presenting what will be wearing in a few months. Will you be wearing any of the trends presented in the runways?

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Elegance & Aristocrazy at Luis Antonio’s Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

The name itself defines what his collection was all about this time. The Puerto Rican high-end designer Luis Antonio bedazzles us yet again with his all new fall/winter collection. We all know if were going to expose something that will amaze people from the get-go you need to start with the obvious: Location! Location! Location! The fashion show took place at the grand old San Juan Casino which amazes you from its enchanted garden to the main room which has humongous chandeliers hanging from its never ending ceilings. He already took you to the perfect place now you just needed (apart from the fabulous ensemble I was already wearing) the perfect outfit to match the occasion.

Once seated & the show started let’s just say it was hard to keep your eyes off the catwalk. The designer presented the collection starting with the new and popular winter wonderland trend. Yes, if you’re second guessing, it is a trend this fall that most designers have embraced and I personally am infatuated by it since I find most of the fall colors so boring. The collection went from delicate whites to wild prints and from sexy rouge tones to night fall black gowns. He certainly gathered the right elements to resume what his interpretation of fall fashion is.

With stellar presentation of the current Miss Universe Puerto Rico Bodine Koehler as one of the gorgeous models to walk down the runway it couldn’t get any better. And of course the garments couldn’t be completed with the perfect shoe combination. The designer chose multiple styles from Novus to round up what would be the perfect representation of aristocrazy.

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