All Hail The Queen


The fun award season is upon us. First off there were the TCA and now the most iconic music awards of the year: the MTV Video Music Awards. They are distinguished by the random moments and crazy events that have marked the history of the ceremony. Everyone always expects the unexpected and as anticipated they delivered, from wardrobe malfunction to a little bit of twerking. And let’s not forget the amazing fashion statements.

I absolutely loved how someway the looks took us back to the 90’s. First off upcoming artist Charli XCX performed during the red carpet with a feather cover up that just screamed Cher Horowitz. Following was Katy Perry who honored Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s 2001 all denim ensemble. The difference? This time Katy left it to Versace to design the custom made gown. To finalize the “throwback-fashion” Mrs. Amber Rose dared channel Rose McGowan 1999 look from Laura Dewitt that left very little to the imagination. Is it me or are we going back to the Clueless years? Yes please!

On the other hand, profuse stars choose classic all black looks. Some of these included Miley Cyrus, Kendall Jenner, Becky G and the cast of Orange Is The New Black. All of them looked stunning in the infinite color. Going the other way Rita Ora decided to go all red in a Jessica Rabbit gown that made her look voluptuous and sensual.

By now you may be guessing why the article is titled All hail the Queen right? Well personally there was one look that stole the show. It was so astonishing that it deserved a special tribute. The fit, the color, the fabric it was just perfection. It was non-other than Jennifer Lopez who wore a silver jaw-dropping Charbel Zoe dress. She was officially the queen of the red carpet. The cutout shimmering gown was simply spectacular. Now the real question is what was Casper Smart (also present at the VMA’s) thinking the whole night?











Dare to dream, dare to be colorful, dare to be fashionable

Some may say that fashion is only for women while others say that men have just a small part of this dimension and it’s a risky one. Fashion is for everyone but to execute it correctly you need to mix that with style and now you can have what would be called men’s fashion trends or women’s. Sometimes we leave the guys kinda behind. Let’s face it as women most of us care a lot more about what we wear or how we look than men. It is only a small percentage of our fellow partners that are into what drives us crazy: fashion. Still every year with every new trend report we give men a little bit of space so that you guys don’t feel left out.

 Although some of us don’t see them as playing a big part of this community as we may like to call it I believe a man whose fashion oriented and can keep up with fashion’s latest trends looks confident, secure and better yet sexy. With this said why don’t we start with the basics? Men love socks. Maybe is because they are basically forced to use them with most of they’re shoes or maybe it’s because of the comfort that brings them. Why not transform something from the regular day to day usability to an ultimate fashion trend?

 Patterned and color socks is not completely new. Back in the day colors and patterns like zig zag, lines, etc. were used on socks and men loved them (were talking like 1940 here). So for this season a major trend in menswear and the highlight of the outfit is all focused on the socks. I mean think about it, it’s brilliant! Were not asking them to pin point or change the ensemble they are used to, just spice it up with the socks. A classic look with colored lining socks that bring pink, purple, aqua and orange to the outfit will be an awesome experience to start experimenting and you don’t have to go all big about it.

 For those that are really into fashion (which guys we know most of you aren’t but we have faith we have a pretty strong group out there) there is a more fashionable way to wear and show your socks. You can wear a khaki pant and fold them while wearing classic shoes like oxfords and show just a bit of your sock. Just try it once or twice and we assure you that all the girls will be all over you. This is a good strategy for the game were giving you here so take it!

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Trend Alert! Gold Rush & Pop of Sexy

It seems that with such an ease summer has come and is already leaving us. I feel like it was just a couple of days ago that the summer breeze started to hit me up and now all of the sudden I find myself in the middle of transition and awaiting fall. With every season comes great responsibility to follow up on the latest trends (that is for us the fashion lovers). So I owned up to what I should do and started to do some research on shoe trends and what I’m looking forward to this upcoming fall/winter. I found myself loving two very different & yet very exciting groups which I very lovingly named Gold Rush & Pop of Sexy.

Black & gold represent glam in all its expression. Its infinite power of looking so impacting every time it hits the retail stores shelves is amazing. We all know black goes with everything and we should all also know that gold is the most amazing metallic color to ever exist. Come together we have the perfect combination which will never look old or so yesterday. From platform pumps to beautiful wedges we have very detailed styles that bring out the sexy and feminine side of us. Dare to dream & feel like a hot trendy blogger and a Hollywood pinup hottie at the same time with these styles I picked out to represent this trend.

Then again black may seem boring to some adventurous, fashion-savvy consumers and they might be expecting something different for fall. Well guess what? I have just what you want; its time to mix and match seasons and bring some color to the old fashioned fall/winter pallete. Here comes pop of sexy. From full on red wedges to color blocking Mary Jane’s & sky high stilettos we have a mix of berry colors that will leave you breathless and give you that extra push every day so days aren’t so cold during this season. Why didn’t anybody think of this? Imagine bright orange and pink stilettos on October 29th. Take my word on it, you will feel alive.

Styles available online only at pre-fall preview sale.