The White Walkers


We usually strive to have an overall good look when we step out to play or work. Now isn’t that just being a conformist, a basic good look with no one to really impress. What if I told you that you could be an all star down the avenue and have anyone compliment you on how good you look?


It mostly depends on key items that we add to an overall look. Some of us have a special talent but others can acquire the ability to look good without any effort. Shoes are always hands down an accessory that transforms any outfit. Just give it a simple try.

Given the season fads come and go with some leaving a little something behind. Maybe your personal style is not all that funky but we can fix that right away. Just add on a really funky heel or flat that’s so in you will be remembered by it. This time it’s no so much about the shoe but more about the sole. White sole shoes are so back that not even being on the cast of Clueless would make you feel more fashionable.


All sorts of fashion bloggers are infusing their ensembles with this sort of style and giving it the funkiness that sometimes we may lack. Below are some examples on how you can wear them and some styles available for sale. Don’t go over to the boring side on 2015, just take the leap and be fearless.




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Gladiator Heaven


Trends come and go, as we all know. Some of them tend to just have a tranquility phase in which some of us may forget about them. But the joy we feel when we see pieces come back in style and we can either get them out of our closets or buy our favorites. In this case it’s all about the gladiator sandal. It’s a remarkable accessory that makes an ensemble grand, even the simplest one.

Ever since they first came out I was astonished by how imposing they looked. For some reason I never got the chance to buy them. I never could find the one I loved in my size and so the trend started to wear off. When I saw that they came back I felt determined to find the perfect one. This time I wouldn’t let anything in the way of my fascinating sandal and myself. So the hunting began. I did find the perfect ones and I am utterly in love with them.

The thing about them is that they can be tricky to style. But no worries I’ll give you a few tips so nothing can stop you. You have to show a little or maybe a lot of leg in order to wear them correctly. You could style them with high-waist shorts or a pretty little dress. The style I like the most is a boho-chic kinda look that gives them the perfect exposure. Here are some pictures of how I like to wear them, how will you?







Dream Night






Every woman has special occasions throughout her lifetime that open or in some cases close certain chapters. One must enter or exit every situation with the outmost luxuriousness. It all starts with the commencement of interest in the way we look and the way we portray ourselves to the world. But there’s just two special occasions that came to my mind where I wanted to look flawless. My wedding day and of course PROM! I mean who isn’t excited for prom? Prom is the biggest event of your school years that you get to go all out. There’s the music, the date and of course the outfit which is the most important of all.

First, you need to pick up the dress that of course has to be one that will make heads turn. But then the real difficulty comes your way: finding the perfect pair shoes to match. This can be tricky since everyone is on the hunt. When you think you found “the one”, that pair that you can’t go to prom without , there comes the sales associate to tell you some other girl just bought the last size 7 they had in stock. Just like that your dreams are stolen and the perfect night has become the worst nightmare.

It may take time but with a little help the perfect prom outfit can be unraveled. I love looking at all the girls and how they put together the cutest of ensembles for that special night. Here are some options you can pick for that unforgettable moment. Remember this is a once in a lifetime shot you have to impress your peers so make it count and leave them breathless.

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Dare to Bloom: Novus Spring 2014 Ad Campaign


Most of us are visual individuals. We feel more attracted towards something when we can see it. Colors have the potential to give meaning to anything this is why they play such an important part in our daily lives. Playing with them depending on the season can be so much fun, furthermore when you can take that message across to the consumer.

The established shoe store Novus has unveiled the new Spring 2014 campaign and the first thing that comes to mind when you see each ad is happiness. It’s colors and graphics take you to that place you see in the picture where everything is perfect. Focusing on the Spring 2014 Pantone color palette as the background and letting the product speak for itself the campaign is subtle yet clever. It gives you a sense of lightness and freshness while leaving wanting more. The colors are splendid and the mixture of graphic, texts and product gives a marvelous outcome.

Each ad has a short message that goes to the point and creates a harmony between what it says and what it shows.  To this you add the brilliant graphics and illustrations created by Puertorrican Gerardo Cloquell whom did a great job conceiving backgrounds that don’t compete with the focal point yet catch your attention and compliment the final product.

The name given to this new campaign is none other than: Dare to Bloom which goes perfectly with what it brings us. Once again they have impressed us (or at least I can talk for myself) by revealing an amazing campaign that not only exceeds expectation but also builds up excitement to what will be next. Playful, fun and dare I say with absolute refreshing styles that will blow you away so hold on!







Be Bold or Just Be Boring


What would you rather be outrageous and spontaneous or simple and predictable? Maybe we’re taking it to the extremes but when it comes to how you live for life shouldn’t we take it seriously and to the extreme? Being predictable will never take us anywhere. That’s why projecting oneself across the mirror is so important. You can see your own reflection and if you look into depth you can kinda figure out what others see. More than that (obviously) you can see the amazing shoes your wearing (duh!) and then you can really walk with confidence without depending on being simple or amazing.

Jeffrey Campbell is known for his intense designs that go to radical terms and make you look twice. They are not for everyone but if you have good taste and know what it is to have some fun you will at least fall in love with one of the designs even if you don’t dare walk in them. Even when they mostly include sky-high platforms and heels this collection there’s something for everyone. We have platforms, open boots, flats and even some delicate heels.

With spring coming to an end and summer just across the street we may think about bright colors but not necessarily. This collection is full of earth hues that will compliment any outfit from colorful to white to even dark tones. This makes it even better since you will obtain a pair that you can wear all year long even though they have a fresh look that calls for summer you can play with the look and make them turn all around.

Reality is I like risks and statement pieces that maybe not everyone will wear but most definitely they can acknowledge them and appreciate them. The real questions to all fashion lovers are: Do you dare? Can you handle it? Are you simple or are you a risk taker?

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Pies descalzos por los niños sin zapatos

One Day Cover

“Juntos podemos cambiar el mundo, todo comienza con el primer paso”.

Con este pensamiento en mente las familias de Novus y La Favorita se unieron el pasado martes, 16 de abril, a la iniciativa mundial “One Day Without Shoes”, creada por la compañía de calzado TOMS, y cuyo propósito es educar sobre la importancia que tiene un par de zapatos en la vida de un niño.

Así fue que todos los empleados participaron por segundo año consecutivo de la sexta celebración anual de este evento, y trabajaron descalzos ese día, luciendo camisetas negras y rojas con el mensaje “One Day Without Shoes”. Muchos de ellos, incluso se fotografiaron con amplias sonrisas y pancartas que leían “Ayuda a los niños a avanzar”, “ Deja tu huella” y “Podemos hacer la diferencia”.

Como parte de la iniciativa en Puerto Rico, el Food Court del centro comercial San Patricio Plaza sirvió como escenario para un “performance” tipo “flash mob”, que sorprendió a los consumidores que se hallaban en el área. El número artístico estuvo a cargo de los cuerpos de baile Silhouette Dance Studio de Bayamón y Mosaico of Art Academic de Naranjito, que desplegaron sus pies descalzos al ritmo del reggae “One Day”, del cantante judío Matisyahu, para entretener a los espectadores.

Al igual que ellos, otras compañías, así como individuos y miembros de las comunidades universitarias del País se unieron al movimiento y compartieron sus fotos en las redes sociales  Facebook, bajo las cuentas Novushoes y Favoritashoes, y Twitter e Instagram, con los “hashtags” de #withoutshoes #novusgoesbarefoot.

TOMS fue fundada en el 2006 por Blake Mycoskie, luego de una visita a Argentina, en la que descubrió que muchos niños no tenían calzado para proteger sus pies de enfermedades e infecciones, lo cual también se traduce en un obstáculo para conseguir oportunidades, debido a que muchos de ellos son residentes en zonas rurales y necesitan zapatos para poder asistir a la escuela. De esta forma, la empresa creó la campaña “One for One” con el propósito de que por cada par vendido, un niño necesitado obtuviera unos zapatos.

Entre los riesgos médicos a los que las personas que caminan descalzas se enfrentan figura la anquilostoma, que causa anemia, frena el desarrollo físico y mental y puede provocar problemas al corazón. Este padecimiento afecta a una quinta parte de la población mundial. Igualmente, se exponen a desarrollar podoconiosis, que produce hinchazón en los pies y las piernas debido a la exposición prolongada a diferentes tipos de tierra irritante, y tétano, que es una infección causada por una bacteria que ingresa al cuerpo humano por medio de cortaduras o cualquier herida abierta, y que provoca dolor muscular, espasmos y quijada trabada. De igual forma, se arriesga a recibir picaduras de ácaros de la cosecha en los pies y los tobillos, lo que provoca comezón severa.

El pasado año 2012, se celebraron cerca de 3,000 eventos relacionados con la iniciativa en más de 50 países y ciudades como Estados Unidos, Japón, Canadá, Grecia, Australia y Corea del Sur, en los que millones de personas se quitaron sus zapatos en solidaridad. Celebridades tales como Charlize Theron, Busy Philipps y Penn Badgley, también se unieron a este movimiento.

One Day 4

Los empleados de Novus y La Favorita se unieron por segundo año consecutivo a la iniciativa “One Day Without Shoes”.

One Day 2

El “One Day Without Shoes” es una iniciativa de la línea de calzado TOMS, disponible en las tiendas Novus y La Favorita.

One Day5

El pasado martes, 16 de abril de 2013, la familia de Novus y La Favorita se vistió con camisetas negras y rojas con el mensaje “One Day Without Shoes” y portaban carteles con pensamientos alusivos a la campaña.

One day3

Por cada par de zapatos TOMS que se vende, la empresa dona otro  a un niño que lo necesita para proteger sus pies de enfermedades e infecciones y para asistir a la escuela.

One Day 6

Empresas e individuos se unieron a la campaña a través de las redes sociales Facebook, Twitter e Instagram.

One Day6

El año pasado se celebraron cerca de 3,000 eventos relacionados con la iniciativa en más de 50 países y ciudades.

One day1

Los trabajadores de Novus y La Favorita mantuvieron sus amplias sonrisas durante todo el día para llevar el mensaje.

One Day banner

Este fue uno de los afiches circulados por las conocidas tiendas de calzado en Puerto Rico para anunciar la actividad.

Novus te invita a disfrutar con estilo


Desde la década de 1970, Novus ha sido la tienda de calzado y bolsos favorita en Puerto Rico, dominando el mercado con colecciones que siguen los estándares de la moda a precios asequibles.

Hoy día, la historia no es distinta. Y es que la cadena de tiendas puertorriqueña ha logrado establecer una conexión especial con sus clientes, lo cual se refleja en la nueva campaña publicitaria para la temporada primavera – verano que está a punto de comenzar.

Con ellos en mente, los creativos de Novus, no solo presentan las tendencias de la estación en espacios abiertos rodeados del encanto de nuestra naturaleza, sino que además, los invita a gozar de las cosas simples de la vida como como la música, el baile y un día de sol.

Con un aire optimista, los anuncios además, instan a ser valientes, a ir tras lo que se quiere y a relajarse, pero sobre todo, promueven las emociones que nos hacen sentir vivos, siempre luciendo con el más alto sentido del estilo.

A continuación les presento las imágenes que componen la campaña de Novus para la temporada primavera – verano. Para ver los vídeos, oprime aquí.






Laterales_Couple 24x36