Chunky-ness for your feet


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It’s that time of the year again and I’m not talking about Christmas.  As the season changes once again new trends arrive at our horizon looking forward for us to give them a chance and try something different. Celebrities from the Olsen sisters to Reese Witherspoon are sporting the trend that’s revolutionizing the closets all around the world: chunky heels.


We’ve seen them before and of course it takes us back in time to a retro fab look. Sometimes when it comes to shoes we tend to think that it’s better to stick to the classics but we can also be oh so wrong at times. They’ve come to stay girls so I recommend you go and get yourself a pair if you know what’s best for you (I trust you’ll make the right decision). The great thing about them is the versatility they give every ensemble, they can be color-blocked, have different heights, or styles. Most of all they are comfortable! You can wear them at the office and keep rocking them for the happy hour.

Sometimes we have to push ourselves to try what’s different. We all need to #breakboundaries and feel good about the unknown. If Diane Krueger can rock this why wouldn’t you? There’s no difference you can do it also. Here’s a little push to show you styles and how to rock them in a day-to-day basis.



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Trend Alert: Get flat-form ready this summer


Sometimes it takes a bit of an open mind or simply being practical to deduce what the next big thing is. From movies to music and last but not least fashion it is all about the forecasting and figuring out what the public will like in the next 6-12 months. It is a risk since not everything appeals to the consumers. But what would life be without some hazard?

I’m a junkie for fads. Although they come and go rather quickly they are always fun and crazy to play with. Haven’t you heard the phrase “enjoy the moment”? I apply this phrase to everything in my life so why wouldn’t it apply to my closet? I mean you can always go all classy but I’d rather leave that to the play-it-safers. With that said I introduce to you the upbeat new shoe style: the flatform. Yes you read correctly that was not a grammatical error.

Can you imagine looking cool and fashionable while at your comfiest? This is heaven on earth. This trend has been trying to grow for a while but not until now it has really got the attention of the consumers eye. Fashion savvy celebrities like Rihanna, Jessica Alba and Elle Fanning are all sporting the trend on they’re everyday life. You can sport them to look fashionable out with your pals or to do your daily errands. It really doesn’t matter what you use them for but that you rock it while it lasts. In the future you can look back and say, “I’ve always had an awesome sense of style”.














Less is more (sometimes)

At occasions (and I include myself) we have a specific perspective of what a fashionable ensemble should look like and lets be honest most of the times we envision it with a pair of high heels or wedges. Why do we limit ourselves to this? Every single time I want to go out or simply dress up to run errands and obviously look good I put on a pair of wedges to feel comfy and up to date. When I come to think about it in which magazine or who told me fashionable meant being uncomfortable? I’ve never read that anywhere and I’m sure neither have you. We probably have heard that in order to look beautiful or presentable we should engage in some kinda pain or discomfort but come on this is the 21st century and us ladies wear pants so why should we be submissive of such lie?

Ballerina flats came back as a fad and stayed as a statement. The deviant fact is the lack of benefit we’ve taken from it. Most of us just wear them to work, even worse we associate them into a none-dress category in which we feel beneath any girl who’s rocking the same outfit as us but in heels. I have to be honest there is nothing like an impressive wedge or a pair of classic stilettos but we don’t have to feel like that. Given the right style with the right balance in your outfit you can look just as marvelous and no need to say 100% more comfortable than the girl with blisters (yuck!) all over her feet trying to look all Carrie Bradshaw day and night. This way when night comes and the door to your favorite venue opens you’ll be ready to rock the sky high option or vice versa.

Sometimes all we need is a little input from someone else or seeing an actual example of what I’m trying to portray to you. Ballerina flats are classy, girly and some can even be sexy. You can go classic black or girly pink, with studs or plain Jane the option is up to you. I say we take full advantage of this and look fab while we can go running from place to place or be standing all night long. After all we have to take under consideration Carrie is a fictional character and Victoria Beckham is well Victoria Beckham not all of us are cut out to be runway ready 24/7.




Be Bold or Just Be Boring


What would you rather be outrageous and spontaneous or simple and predictable? Maybe we’re taking it to the extremes but when it comes to how you live for life shouldn’t we take it seriously and to the extreme? Being predictable will never take us anywhere. That’s why projecting oneself across the mirror is so important. You can see your own reflection and if you look into depth you can kinda figure out what others see. More than that (obviously) you can see the amazing shoes your wearing (duh!) and then you can really walk with confidence without depending on being simple or amazing.

Jeffrey Campbell is known for his intense designs that go to radical terms and make you look twice. They are not for everyone but if you have good taste and know what it is to have some fun you will at least fall in love with one of the designs even if you don’t dare walk in them. Even when they mostly include sky-high platforms and heels this collection there’s something for everyone. We have platforms, open boots, flats and even some delicate heels.

With spring coming to an end and summer just across the street we may think about bright colors but not necessarily. This collection is full of earth hues that will compliment any outfit from colorful to white to even dark tones. This makes it even better since you will obtain a pair that you can wear all year long even though they have a fresh look that calls for summer you can play with the look and make them turn all around.

Reality is I like risks and statement pieces that maybe not everyone will wear but most definitely they can acknowledge them and appreciate them. The real questions to all fashion lovers are: Do you dare? Can you handle it? Are you simple or are you a risk taker?

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Crystal Clear

Lately I’ve been watching what celebrities and runways have been sporting in terms of dress shoes for women. Seeing it coming isn’t the same as having it here already, vinyl is so back! From Christian Louboutin to Chanel they are all integrating themselves into this trend. The biggest names in show business are wearing them. What are we waiting for?


Dress shoes needed something fresh, different and a little hint that would make them look sort of funky in a classic way. Single sole shoes for me are the definition of sexy but they are still very classic and don’t really have a wow factor. Now if you mix textures and add a little vinyl here and there you have a match made in heaven.


The great thing about this trend is that you can carry it with anything and you will look fabulous. For example if you want to go a little lighter you can wear skinny jeans with a basic whit t-shirt and accessorize it with a bold oversize necklace that goes with the shoes. If we want to try a more elegant look a button down shirt with a peplum knee high skirt and a really big bun will strive you to perfection.


The best part about this trend is that since its vinyl if you choose a neutral color that’s mixed with it can go with any color you want it too from pastels to dark hues. Furthermore, a big plus to the equation you will most definitely remember your 90’s days and think twice next time you want to throw away all fads that “won’t come back ever again”.




Wooden Paradise

In the middle of spring we look for freshness. We’ve changed our wardrobe already and the heavy accessories must be replaced by something a little bit more lightweight. When I talk about ‘light’ I don’t mean in any way that the piece could not be bold and big. With nature being a big part of spring why don’t we incorporate it into our everyday wear and give every outfit a nice fresh touch this spring season.

Personally I love big pieces that can make a statement and will be memorable. I love dressing up but a necklace or a couple of bangles can make an outfit. For this season I recommend you reach within yourself and reflect your fashion sense on nature.

Wood has started to become a great material for accessorizing that looks fashionable, distinct and raises consciousness. Mixed with the beautiful color gold and materials like rope it would be the perfect accessory. The beautiful fashion accessory line Hebe Sophia has presented its spring 2013 collection in which wood is the main character in each piece. With a bohemian look and geometric designs there is no way you can pass the chance of owning one of its pieces in your closet.






Esmeralda en abundancia para el 2013


El verde evoca a la naturaleza, y de entre todos los matices de ese color, el esmeralda llama a la riqueza, la abundancia, la armonía y la esperanza.

Ese es precisamente el color del año para el 2013, escogido por Pantone Color Institute, la compañía que determina los estándares de color para las industrias del diseño.

De este modo, las industrias de la moda, el maquillaje y la decoración han surtido el mercado con propuestas y productos en esa tonalidad.

“El verde es el color más abundante en la naturaleza -el ojo humano ve más verde que cualquier otro color en el espectro”, explicó Leatrice Eiseman, directora ejecutiva de Pantone Color Institute, cuando se hizo el anuncio a finales del pasado año.

“Como lo ha hecho a lo largo de la historia, el esmeralda es multifacético, tiene chispa y fascina. Simbólicamente, el esmeralda trae una sensación de claridad, renovación y rejuvenecimiento, tan importante en el complejo mundo de hoy. Este tono universal potente y atractivo se implanta fácilmente en la moda y la decoración de interiores”, añadió la ejecutiva sobre el denominado Pantone 17-5641 Emerald.

¿Cómo combinarlo?

Como la gema que lleva el mismo nombre, el esmeralda es lujoso y energizante, por lo cual merece protagonismo. A su vez, es un tono que luce bien sobre cualquier color de piel.

Lo ideal sería llevarlo en un vestido o conjunto de pantalón y chaqueta o falda y blusa. Puedes combinarlo con negro, gris, azul marino, camel o tonos crudos.

No obstante, si no te consideras tan atrevida puedes complementar un atuendo en algún color neutral con accesorios esmeralda.

Combinar varios tonos de verde con el esmeralda puede resultar en una idea divertida para tu cocina. Mientras, el estampado militar continúa fuerte durante todo el año.

Resalta la vivacidad del esmeralda combinándolo con tonos de verde menta, azul, y amarillo.

Una manera de sumarte a la tendencia, sin tener que enfundarte de verde de pies a cabeza, es complementando un atuendo neutral con accesorios en color esmeralda.

La tienda de maquillaje y productos de belleza Sephora, recientemente, lanzó su colección de maquillaje con el color del año en edición limitada.

El esmeralda puede ser empleado en la decoración de la casa, en la pintura de las paredes, telas, tapizados, y accesorios o complementos.

El verde esmeralda en los espacios brinda serenidad y esperanza.

Puedes llevar el esmeralda en un vestido o conjunto de pantalón y chaqueta o falda y blusa.

Plataforma Isadora, modelo Dalila, disponible en Novus.

Plataforma Idore, modelo Ricardo, disponible en Novus.

Mocasines Sperry, disponibles en Novus.

Sandalias flats Jeffrey Campbell for Idore, disponibles en Novus.