Madres al estilo de Hollywood


Jessica Alba, Jennifer López, Katie Holmes y Victoria Beckham. ¿Qué tienen todas estas famosas en común? Son madres.

Como muchas mujeres, estas estrellas de Hollywood son trabajadoras y emprendedoras, pero por encima de todo, son mamás a tiempo completo. Su condición de famosas les impone estar siempre listas para el lente fotográfico, mientras su rol como madres, las obliga a estar cómodas.

Sandalias con plataforma, flats, flip flops, ballerinas, tenis y botines, son el calzado favorito de estas figuras, y esas precisamente son las opciones que proponemos para obsequiar a nuestras progenitoras, este domingo, cuando celebramos el Día de las Madres.

A continuación te presentamos algunas ideas para regalarle a mamá en su día, utilizando a este grupo de madres del mundo del espectáculo como inspiración. Recuerda que todos los modelos que aquí presentamos los consigues en las tiendas Novus alrededor de toda la isla y a través de la tienda online


Flat Alba

Jessica Alba


Sandalias Loucos & Santos


Flats Laidback London con aplicaciones en forma de estrellas de mar.


balerina alba

Jessica Alba

ballerina 2

Ballerina Naturalizer modelo Ulysses, disponible en varios tonos.

ballerina 3

De Naturalizer, ballerina modelo Vivianna.


Modelo Nayla, también de Naturalizer.

D’Orsay flats o kitten heels


Victoria Beckham


Kitten heel True Soul.


Flats cerradas Soiree

Flats semicerradas Loucos & Santos, a dos tonos.


Tenis JLO

Jennifer López

tenis 1

Tenis Naturalizer dorados

tenis 2

Calzado deportivo Lacoste, modelo Fabian

Flip Flops

Jennifer López


Flip flops plateadas con rhinestones Masha.


Diseño tribal de Laidback London.


Coqueta sandalia de goma Ipanema.



Katie Holmes


Cómodos botines Naturalizer, modelo Elyse.


Victoria Beckham


Plataforma Idore a varios tonos

Plat 1

Plataformas blanco y negro Charles by Charles David


Plataformas en rafia y cuero Paseart


Out With The Old In With The Spring

Winter is coming to an end and we cannot wait for the summer but before it gets here we have a whole season in between to welcome: SPRING!  Time to store all those dark hues and long sleeves. When we come to think of it spring brings us comfort in our wardrobe. We feel free and liberated to show some skin and get rid of the boots. But don’t worry we already have the perfect trend figured out for you to rock this new season.

Very few times a tendency is so strong that it translates to women and men as a whole. A shoe can either make or break an outfit. We tend to think that the fancier the shoe the fashionable the outfit. Let me tell you this is a complete myth. You can totally wear comfy, trendy shoes and at times look even better than when you have high sky stilettos on.

Canvas is a must when you think about the resort/spring season. Now it makes it’s way to your feet. Canvas shoes have been ‘in’ for a while now with known brands stating how simple a shoe can be and the impact it can still make. They go with anything for anywhere. You won’t want to take them off.

Now are you ready to look trendy and feel good about it? We give you a couple of looks so you know how to carry this trend correctly. If you don’t wear it believe me everyone else will be doing so.



Slide1 copy


Styles shown available at


Moda de alto rango

Cheryl Cole estilo militar

Cada año la moda militar reaparece durante la temporada otoño-invierno. No obstante, este año, las piezas con estampados de camuflaje, así como los tonos caqui, grises, marrones y verdes, sobre todo el olivo, se imponen con la fuerza de un ejército.

Vemos el “camo print” en chaquetas, pantalones, correas, bolsos, zapatos y toda clase de accesorios.

Recientemente artistas como Rihanna, Cheryl Cole (arriba en las fotos), Gwen Stefani, Miley Cyrus y Kylie Minogue han sido captadas luciendo prendas en estampado de camuflaje con looks informales y desenfadados como el grunge o combinadas con piezas claves que le dan un aire más sofisticado.

Prendas en cuero y piel, con tachuelas y botones metálicos son ideales para mezclar con el print camuflajeado y conseguir el llamado estilo “army girl”.

Un poco de historia

De acuerdo con un artículo de la reportera Carmen Martín, de la agencia noticiosa EFE, los acentos militares en el guardarropa femenino tienen su origen en el siglo pasado cuando la mujer tuvo que adaptar sus ropa habitual para incorporarse a las tareas en el campo de batalla, colaborar en las enfermerías y trabajar en el campo o en la ciudad, mientras los hombres luchaban en el frente. Cuando los caballeros regresaron a casa, se encontraron a una mujer que usaba pantalones, parkas, botas y ropa cómoda.


– Escoge solo una prenda camuflageada. La idea no es que luzcas como oficial del ejército, sino que esa pieza, combinada con los accesorios adecuados, sea el foco de tu look.

– Puedes combinar las camisas o chaquetas camuglageadas con mahones, cotos y hasta vestidos. Para estilizar tu figura, utiliza un cinturón.

– Las botas y botines al tobillo, con cordones o con detalles en metal, como tachuelas, son perfectas para para el army look más desenfadado.

– Si buscas un estilo más sofisticado, combina con unos pumps o peep toes y un bolso tipo ‘clutch’.

Nota: Las piezas señaladas al pie de las fotos están disponibles para la venta en las tiendas Novus a través de toda la Isla y en la página web

Botines DV modelo Nisha, bolso gris Imoshion y accesorios Motif plateados.

Botines DV modelo Nisha, bolso gris Imoshion y accesorios Motif plateados.

Tacones Idores con detalles metálicos, bolso Idore en combinación y accesorios dorados Motif.


Botines Jeffrey Campbell con púas, y accesorios plateados Motif.


Botines Idore en verde olivo.


Tacones Idore modelo Lena con púas negras.

Time for Fashion

Every year twice a year every woman’s fantasy comes her way: fashion week. It is celebrated all around the world with cities playing the main character of these stories that develop new trends. During the month of September it was show time all over the place. Different trends were revealed as the spring 2013 collections covered the different catwalks with a fresh air in between them.

In Puerto Rico High Fashion Week was celebrated with multiple designers pitching in to participate on the event. From young to recognized designers the collections were filled with originality and detail. To close this magnificent event The Blonds showed they’re risky, sexy and va va voom collection only the way they could.

With different trends and looks I am so looking forward to spring or maybe I don’t have to, after all I live on a tropical island which means I can wear shorts whenever I want (YES!). Of course the shoes are a big part of an ensemble; they can either make it or break it. We saw a lot of platform shoes combined with shorts and cool colors that scream spring but don’t yell at summer. The flowers were also a big hit and this time I don’t mean flower prints, I mean flower crowns. For that woman that wants to feel sexier and wants to look more sophisticated there was a big hit with the strappy sandals. We are in some way going back to what was more minimalist but in a way made us feel so close to being a woman.

On the other hand, you will forever and always have your classic look. Even when you twist it up a little bit you are still emphasizing on what’s been here for let’s say a very long time. Here comes the Mary Jane (of course), what could be more classic than a shoe that can transform into a little girls favorite shoe to the dance floor of the hottest club? Featured with a pump platform and golden details it is just the perfect shoe to wear right now, during spring and I would say you’re safe to wear it next year.

All the designers did a great job in general in presenting what will be wearing in a few months. Will you be wearing any of the trends presented in the runways?

Shoes available at

Heels Reach New Heights

In the past years we’ve seen celebrities like Lady Gaga, Kesha, Katy Perry among others sport mind blowing, out of proportion fashion statements. I guess they are allowed since most of they’re outfits (except for Gaga) are meant for stage, red carpets or amusement of the fans. It is very unusual that these ensembles hit the mass market and become part of the day to day style that most of the people have. Every once in a while we get that lucky one that hits a home run and let’s just say is out of the park for everyone else to see or in this case use.

 The no heel platform has come to stay. You either love it or you hate it (I’m choosing love). Different variations of the style have been adopted by designers from gothic rocker to feminine, all of them fashion-forward of course. Lady Gaga was the first seen in these impossible to walk shoes; it was like the fashion circus. But then again she dresses to impress literally. Her choices were too high, too out there and too of everything. The idea was set in stone but executed only for a performer not for us the fashion consumers that will do anything for that one special piece.

 Designers took the task to tone down the extravagant style but without taking out its essence. It is a risky look but it can be so fun if you try it. Push yourself not to be as everyone else, new is so good especially when it comes to a pair of shoes. You can go for a clean look or a spike rocker style that only a celebrity could pull off. The thing is you don’t need to be a celebrity to pull it off you just need the love for fashion and a little bit of attitude.

Jeffrey Campbell for Idore styles available at

From Sporty to Glam: Wedge Sneakers

Fashion is known for reinventing itself over and over again. Nothing is new come to think of it; there is always inspiration from another era. We copy fads and statements from different centuries repeating ourselves and believing we are pioneers on a trend when actually probably your grand-grand-grand-mother used to rock that back in her time. That goes to for recreating a simple ensemble or piece into a fashionable item.

Sneakers are known to be a sporty shoe which is used to be comfortable or to perform activities like sports. It could be used in fashion especially for boys. It all began when the high tops crossed our path. First the boys started using them and all kinds of celebrities then girls started leaning into the trend and mixing it up with dresses and shorts. Although the style was and still is a great hit between young, trendy fashion savvy consumers it doesn’t have that girly look we strive for.  

Comes the absolute fabulous sneaker wedge boot. To die for in every way you can analyze them. The style is fresh, fashion-forward & not as sporty as it sounds. It adds some type of coolness to whoever wears them. Celebrities all over the place are styling it up from shorts to leather pants and even maxi skirts! I mean how does it get any better? You are ultra comfortable, amazing looking and you’re still wearing wedges.

It is not an ensemble all of us can get away with. Some will not dare and others may not have a clear idea on how to wear them but one thing is for sure; everyone will love them. Checkout some ideas on how the stars are rocking theirs.

Available at

Inspirational celebrities & bloggers outfits

Not just a Princess but a style icon worldwide: Kate Middleton

Celebrities play a big part in today’s fashion world. The mass public follows every step that public figures take, mainly they’re style. With the internet merging more and more with our every day life and social networks as twitter and instagram it is easier to see what they wear right on the spot. When it comes to fashion and style there is a group of people who follow the runways and the trends that start coming seasons before it unifies with the mass market. You also have the people that follow this small group of people that represent to them the definition of what’s happening in a nutshell.

 An extremely good example of this is Princess Kate Middleton. I personally adore her style and think she is as classy and as fashionable as it gets. Her style is clean, super chic and very Princess like. She reminds me so much of Princess Diana, you can see her simplistic look and at the same time this glamour and magic about her. Of course as Diana had also she has a massive amount of followers and people who love every detail about her including her undeniable fashion sense.

 You can or cannot agree but she has formed a new definition for young chic royalty. She mixes classic and high-end styles with regular everyday items that makes us love her even more and makes her seem much more approachable. You can see it everywhere, everything she wears transforms into an overnight hit. For example she wears these amazing and yet classic Sebago style: Bala. After she wore it Sebago reported that just in a couple of days they sold over 700 pairs of the style. Talk about having a loyal fan base. It got to the point that the style sold out! I’ve got to say the style is timeless and modern at the same time. I know I want it before it sells out again.

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