Island? Shoe-land!

They say you can take the girl out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the girl. Boy, is that true.

It’s been 4 years since I first stepped onto Puerto Rican sand – literally. 5 cats and 15+ new pairs of shoes later, I have more clearly defined my own style – in fashion and in life. The scarcity of my metropolitan style on this island has motivated me to become more fashion conscious and seek inspiration from the rest of the world, which would be nearly impossible without the wonderful world-wide-web. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised when I came across refreshing stock of shoes at Galeria’s fashion show in Plaza Las Americas.

Hosted by the beautiful Alexandra Fuentes and styled by Willie Rosado, the show was a hit. A variety of wine and sushi trotted around the store while a great turnout of shoppers shopped. My eyes lit up as I spotted studs, touches of gold, color blocking, gladiator straps, and clear vinyl shoe elements throughout – trends that are über popular in Europe and the U.S. Labels like See by Chloe, Carrano, and Jeffrey Campbell were dispersed around the store. Many of the other shoes seen were inspired by high-fashion names like Tom Ford, Valentino, and Givenchy, with more “down-to-earth” prices. What more could I have asked for? Finally, a place for me to release my shopping demons.


I left happy with some new Carrano sandal/pumps that are sure to be a conversation piece every time I wear them. It’s unfortunate (but probably better for my wallet) that it’s taken me 4 years to find a store that caters to all types of fashionistas, but better now than never, right?


Photo credit: Stephanie Segarra

Photo credit: Stephanie Segarra


Hora de sacar tus alpargatas

Alpar portada

Si un calzado grita “verano” son las alpargatas.

El pasado año 2012, las también llamadas espardeñas regresaron a escena y este verano retornar con mucha fuerza. Y  es que el caracter étnico de esta sandalia de origen egipcio y su confección ecoamigable, en fibras naturales como el pelo, algodón y pieles de animal, la hacen una de las tendencias de predilección esta temporada.

Ya sea en su versión más plana o tipo plataforma, son la perfecta combinanción para pantalones, faldas cortas y rompers. También son ideales para vestidos maxi, cortos y largos, y lucen particularmente hermosas con las faltas estilo “tail hem”.

Las alpargatas tipo plataforma lucen muy bien con los pantalones “flare” y “wide leg”. Aunque el modelo más popular es el de la plataforma mediana, cerrada al frente y con amarre tipo ballerina, las alpargatas han evolucionado en estilos más planos, en cuñas altas, amarradas al tobillo, en colores neutrales, brillantes y metálicas.

A continuación te muestro varios conjuntos veraniegos con algunas de las propuestas disponibles en Novus.

Alpar 2

Plataformas Franco Sarto, modelo A-Lacey, en color “taupe”, ideales para ir a cenar después de un día de playa con un “cover-up” o con un traje de baño completo y una falda o pantalón blanco.


Plataforma en fibras naturales Gaimo, modelo Susan Shark Cosmopolitan, en combinación con un vestido color hueso con cinturón plateado y “floppy hat”. Este look es perfecto para un almuerzo al aire libre o para para una tarde de hotel.


Alpargatas Gaimo, modelo Grisa, combinadas en esta imagen con sombrero Fedora, bolso en paja y vestido corto en flecos, ideal para un pasadía.


Alpargatas cerradas con plataforma moderada Gaimo, modelo Maslin Cosmopolitan Date. Este cómodo calzado es ideal para lucir junto a unos cortos y una “graphic tank top”.

Less is more (sometimes)

At occasions (and I include myself) we have a specific perspective of what a fashionable ensemble should look like and lets be honest most of the times we envision it with a pair of high heels or wedges. Why do we limit ourselves to this? Every single time I want to go out or simply dress up to run errands and obviously look good I put on a pair of wedges to feel comfy and up to date. When I come to think about it in which magazine or who told me fashionable meant being uncomfortable? I’ve never read that anywhere and I’m sure neither have you. We probably have heard that in order to look beautiful or presentable we should engage in some kinda pain or discomfort but come on this is the 21st century and us ladies wear pants so why should we be submissive of such lie?

Ballerina flats came back as a fad and stayed as a statement. The deviant fact is the lack of benefit we’ve taken from it. Most of us just wear them to work, even worse we associate them into a none-dress category in which we feel beneath any girl who’s rocking the same outfit as us but in heels. I have to be honest there is nothing like an impressive wedge or a pair of classic stilettos but we don’t have to feel like that. Given the right style with the right balance in your outfit you can look just as marvelous and no need to say 100% more comfortable than the girl with blisters (yuck!) all over her feet trying to look all Carrie Bradshaw day and night. This way when night comes and the door to your favorite venue opens you’ll be ready to rock the sky high option or vice versa.

Sometimes all we need is a little input from someone else or seeing an actual example of what I’m trying to portray to you. Ballerina flats are classy, girly and some can even be sexy. You can go classic black or girly pink, with studs or plain Jane the option is up to you. I say we take full advantage of this and look fab while we can go running from place to place or be standing all night long. After all we have to take under consideration Carrie is a fictional character and Victoria Beckham is well Victoria Beckham not all of us are cut out to be runway ready 24/7.