If it makes u feel good it’s more than a brand

After a while its human nature to get bored, this happens to us in every single aspect of our lives. It’s more evident when were talking about a brand or a line. It’s true that when something works its good to stick to what’s safe but people get tired of safe and look for revamping in some way, they look to get that whoa.

 Novus has been a pioneer on its business for years. We’ve been focused on bringing styles that are up to date with today’s fashion business and being the number 1 fashion store consumers look for in Puerto Rico. We are recognized for having the most updated and fashion forward styles. Come fall 2012 the company has decided it’s time for a change that will bring our customers even closer to us.

This time we engage on our connection with our loyal customers and even before the styles we embrace the idea of exceeding their expectations when it comes to customer service and understanding their needs & wants. We become part of their everyday routine and deeply study what they feel in order for them to be able to walk into our stores and feel confident that they will find what they are looking for.

 This all reflects in our new campaign with short verses that dare you to be whoever you want to be and that fashion is not a way to dress is a way of life that is reflected however you want it to. The shoe or ensemble doesn’t make you, you make the outfit in your own unique way.