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This week we celebrate administrative professionals. Essential key puzzle pieces to any company and especially to their supervisors since they are the ones that know it all and help them get through the day.  But when it comes to they’re appearance they strive for simplistic looks. Most of the times (& no offense) they tend to be boring and plain. They play such an important part and they should dress accordingly to what they represent which is clear but that doesn’t mean they can’t play with their wardrobe and turn simple into fashion forward ensembles that are still down the work attire line.

Most of the times less is more and I say that because I’m not a fan of that saying since I love to over accessorize but there’s an occasion for everything. When it comes to professional attire simple is the way to go but you should always have a key piece that will diversify your look & hit that high note you should be looking for.

Dressing should always be fun even when you’re going to work. At the end of the day is where you spend most of the time so why not feel good about yourself while you’re at it. Sure some days you will have no motivation and just throw a white blouse with some dress pants but even that could look good with the perfect shoe and a cute necklace. You can still wear black dress pants but why not try slim cropped ones or an A-line style with an amazing flare? If you don’t know where to start mixing it up so that you can bedazzle your co-workers you can always initiate with the shoes.

Here are some very professional yet fashionable styles that you could start with

Alpargatas: cómodo calzado que se reinventa

El verano está a la vuelta de la esquina y con todas las actividades que se asoman, es preciso ir pensando en la comodidad sin perder el sentido del estilo y la moda.

Una de las piezas claves de esta temporada, y que este año han regresado con mucha fuerza, son las alpargatas.

Planas, con plataforma, amarradas al tobillo, en colores neutrales, brillantes o metálicas, las también llamadas espadreñas, se convierten en el calzado obligado, pues además de su comodidad, combinan bien con todo tipo de “outfits” veraniegos.

Esta zapatilla, que según la historia tiene su origen en la sandalia egipcia, también es una opción para aquellas chicas que siguen las tendencias eco-friendly, pues se confeccionan generalmente de fibras naturales como el pelo, algodón y pieles de animal.

¿Cómo combinarlas?

Flats: Lucen bien con pantalones y faldas cortas, jumpsuits cortos y mahones skinny. En rojo, azul o crema claro, son el acento perfecto para el look marinero tan utilizado en verano.

Plataformas: Combinan a la perfección con vestidos, tantos cortos, como de largo moderado. También lucen bien con skinny jeans, flare y hasta los wide leg. Si las usas con faldas o vestidos maxi le darás a tu atuendo un aire bohemio, otro de los looks más  que más se usarán en esta temporada.

Alpargata Pamela Silver Glitter

Modelo Dory Blue Multi

Estilo Estrella Navy

Plataforma Alma en pena roja

El calzado presentado en esta entrada está disponible en las tiendas Novus alrededor de toda la Isla y a través de la página web

Elegance & Aristocrazy at Luis Antonio’s Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

The name itself defines what his collection was all about this time. The Puerto Rican high-end designer Luis Antonio bedazzles us yet again with his all new fall/winter collection. We all know if were going to expose something that will amaze people from the get-go you need to start with the obvious: Location! Location! Location! The fashion show took place at the grand old San Juan Casino which amazes you from its enchanted garden to the main room which has humongous chandeliers hanging from its never ending ceilings. He already took you to the perfect place now you just needed (apart from the fabulous ensemble I was already wearing) the perfect outfit to match the occasion.

Once seated & the show started let’s just say it was hard to keep your eyes off the catwalk. The designer presented the collection starting with the new and popular winter wonderland trend. Yes, if you’re second guessing, it is a trend this fall that most designers have embraced and I personally am infatuated by it since I find most of the fall colors so boring. The collection went from delicate whites to wild prints and from sexy rouge tones to night fall black gowns. He certainly gathered the right elements to resume what his interpretation of fall fashion is.

With stellar presentation of the current Miss Universe Puerto Rico Bodine Koehler as one of the gorgeous models to walk down the runway it couldn’t get any better. And of course the garments couldn’t be completed with the perfect shoe combination. The designer chose multiple styles from Novus to round up what would be the perfect representation of aristocrazy.

Shoes available at Novus stores and

Colores que se antojan

Como si se tratara de una vitrina repleta de cupcakes de distintos sabores, esta temporada primavera-verano se refresca con los dulces tonos pasteles.

La moda apuesta por el uso de los llamados “candy colors”, ya sea de forma monocromática o en bloques de color.

Tal como pudimos verlo en las pasarelas de Louis Vuitton, Diane Von Furstenberg, Galliano, Chanel, Alexander McQueen y Calvin Klein, los tonos pasteles regresan para renovar los atuendos de esta temporada, dominada en los pasados años por los colores neón.

El rosa pálido, verde menta, amarillo pálido, azul cielo, beige y lila son algunos de los colores que ya estamos viendo en las vitrinas, tanto en piezas de ropa como en accesorios y calzado.

Con todos esos colores que llaman a la vista y hasta al paladar, no solo conseguirás combinaciones ultrafemeninas, en colores que son aptos tanto para la noche como para el día, sino que te sentirás más fresca, de cara a las temperaturas calurosas que se avecinan.

Los mejores tonos pasteles según tu tono de piel 

Rosa pálido: Ideal para pieles negras y tonos olivo o amarillos. Aquellas mujeres de pieles bien blancas deben descartarlo.

Alpargatata con plataforma Guess Kambria en California Coral

Verde menta: Le sienta bien a las pieles de matices amarillos y rosados, así como a pieles negras. Al igual que el rosa pálido, las personas de piel muy pálida no deben usarlo.

Tacones puntiagudos Idoré Maris en verde jade

Amarillo: Luce bien en pieles claras de matices rosados o azulados y pieles negras. Las personas con tez en matices amarillos, deben evitarlo, más aún si es pálida.

Plataforma Idoré Sita X63 en suede

Azul celeste: Va muy con las pieles negras, pieles olivo o amarillas y pieles pálidas rosadas. Deben evitarlo las personas con pieles pálidas de matiz azulado.

Plataforma Idoré Annie Aqua

A pesar de estas guías, lo ideal es que siempre te pruebes las piezas frente al espejo para que veas si ese color te favorece o no. Si no estás segura de que los pasteles sean para ti, puedes optar por utilizarlos en las prendas bajo la cintura, en los accesorios o en el calzado.

¿Qué te parece que los tonos pasteles estén de vuelta? ¿Cuál de los tonos pasteles es tu favorito? 

Los zapatos ilustrados en este artículo están disponibles en las tiendas Novus alrededor de toda la Isla y a través de la página web

Getaway Must Have Items

Spring has arrived and with it a rainbow of prominent colors, lady like patterns and smooth suave textures. This is personally my favorite season of the year, why you would ask? Well, where you can see the seasons take full form it is like starting all over, out with the old in with the new. Shorts, swimwear, glasses, skirts, you name it. It is time to get rid of all those coats and boots and show some skin. Then again for the places where it’s always sunny you can have fun with the color palette of the season.

The colors define a season. You can always tell by the richness and the depth of each one. This season pastel colors are everywhere mixed together like an Easter egg and it’s oh so cute! So what is it that you need for the perfect Spring break weekend getaway? Of course fabulous flats that can distinguish a complete outfit. You should always start picking out an outfit based on your shoes (it’s easier). Now you need the perfect cover up that goes with your swimsuit. It’s all about the matchy-matchy. And of course the accessories! The perfect turban with multiple bracelets, a smashing hand bag and some killer sunglasses will have you good to go and sail away.

Another style you can go with this spring is the sleek all white and classic look. White ensembles are always a safe way to go but you can also spike them up with little details. So what is it that you need? A white bathing suit and sunglasses with gold details, the big mom tote bag (perfect for the beach), cat eye sunglasses and a hint of color like let’s say turquoise which is rich and brilliant. Now that you have at least two different takes on the spring must haves you are set to go! Arrivederci.

Styles can be found in Novus, & Galeria